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Radio Bridge® - First Responder Information System


→ Telephone Operation → Over the Air Relay Installation


RADIO BRIDGE™ brand First Responder Information System is a product that presents information rapidly to first responders.  Converging over the air systems, cellular telephones, and The Fire Horn® App available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. When your fire department is toned out over the air, RADIO BRIDGE™ hardware can interface with The Fire Horn® and alert your first responders via a telephone call, an app notification, and a text message.  RADIO BRIDGE™ hardware plugged into a television at your station can show the locations of your first responders, display alerts sent via your 911 dispatch, and also display messages and announcements.

RADIO BRIDGE™ Brand First Responder Information System: Hardware
The RADIO BRIDGE™ hardware can notify your station leadership of Internet and power outages at its monitoring location.  Multiple hardware units can be put into place to act as a backup, so if one monitoring site goes offline, the Over the Air Relay System will stay online.

RADIO BRIDGE™ Brand First Responder Information System: Dashboard Interface