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Radio Bridge® - Other Modules

TheFireHorn / Radio Bridge encompasses other modules that may be used with, alongside, or independently of the Over the Air Relay Module. Radio Bridge® hardware can be customized to perform certain tasks, such as controlling doors and HVAC systems remotely, and monitoring building environments. Radio Bridge® has been used in the following or more networked applications:

  • Controlling and monitoring building temperature and environment
  • Sending alerts when certain sensors reach certain ranges
  • Sending alerts and performing other actions when certain sensors reach certain range
  • Perfomring voice recognition on an input source and performing certain commands
  • Perfomring network security tasks
  • Use as a Voice over IP / SIP gateway / server
  • Use as a remote relay control system
  • Use as a VPN Server
  • Use as a display driver to show dashboards, menu boards, and other information
  • Use as a networked file server

We can customize your Radio Bridge® through different modules to perform additonal tasks. A wireless module can be used to allow for Radio Bridge to work in long range, remote, and/or solar powered applications as well. → Radio Bridge Home