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The Fire Horn, Inc. is a C-Class Corporation organized in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the United States. The Fire Horn, Inc. provides various products and services to different entities. This Privacy Policy outlines how information is handled by The Fire Horn, Inc. This document may be updated at any time without notice.

This document may be updated at any time without notice. Continued use of these services shall constitute an agreement to these policies. Customers and other end-users may have agreements which shall supersede these general Terms of Use. Use of the Products or Services The Fire Horn, Inc. without a superseding agreement shall constitute as an agreement to this document.

Shall a superseding agreement only supersede this document in part, or shall any part, clause, sentence, or statement in this document be deemed unenforceable, the rest of the document shall have full force.

Refund Policy

All sales are final, refunds may only be granted at the discretion of The Fire Horn, Inc.

Privacy Policy

The Fire Horn, Inc. makes no limitation to the information which is collected.

Information generated by an end-user shall remain property of the end-user, or if acting under the authority of an agency, information shall be considered property of that agency. Statistical metadata, usage information, or other information which may be considered public information shall be considered both property of the end-user, or the agency which the end-user is acting under authority of, and The Fire Horn, Inc. The Fire Horn, Inc. shall not share information with any non-member of The Fire Horn, Inc. which is the property of the end-user.

Consistent with the bylaws of The Fire Horn, Inc., a member of The Fire Horn, Inc. shall be defined as the President or Vice President of The Fire Horn, Inc., and/or any other executive, partner, investor, employee, or contractor of The Fire Horn, Inc.

Information Systems Security and Access

An end-user of The Fire Horn may delegate access to the system by granting members of their agency access. Adding a member to the Roster of an agency allows the user to access the system by means of authentication through their telephone number or other contact information provided. When a person is added to The Fire Horn, the person adding the member grants The Fire Horn, Inc. to contact that person through means of notification messages generated by The Fire Horn, or by other means for purposes including but not limited to, notifying the person of system status updates, security and identification purposes, etc.

The Fire Horn, Inc. reserves the right to collect information for statistical and analytical purposes. This information may be published and shared with other entities by The Fire Horn, Inc. in a way that is de-identified from the direct source of the information for academic, marketing, and/or research purposes. This information will be primarily collected for the purpose of improving utilization and performance of the systems of The Fire Horn, Inc.

No person shall under any circumstance, grant a person access to The Fire Horn that has reason to believe the person may access The Fire Horn and related systems for the purpose of competitive analysis; nor shall any competitor, potential competitor, or any other person access The Fire Horn and/or related systems for the purposes of competitive analysis. Exemptions to this rule are an agency evaluating The Fire Horn products for the purposes of making a purchasing decision, or Cooperative Interoperability.

Under no circumstances, may a competitor, or one who may act as a competitor in the future, access any system of The Fire Horn that is currently under development, in testing, or otherwise not made available to its regular end users.

End users of The Fire Horn, Inc. have the power to delegate access to systems of The Fire Horn to other end users. End users are only entitled to access the data within their agency unless another agency has entered into an interoperability agreement with that other agency. Shall access to any agency become compromised, or any data accessed that a user is not entitled to view, it is the duty of the end user to report any such mis-accessing of information to The Fire Horn, Inc. immediately, and destroy any copies of information that was misappropriated. Sensitive information stored within The Fire Horn, Inc. should not be stored or transmitted outside of The Fire Horn, Inc. unless appropriate security protocols are established within that organization. The Fire Horn should not be accessed with a computer or device that is shared, accessibly to the public, or otherwise not secured. It is the duty of the end-user to ensure all devices accessing The Fire Horn are secured and not compromised in a way that would allow for the misappropriation of data or access to The Fire Horn.

Cooperative Interoperability

The Fire Horn is driven by Systems Interoperability and Open Standards. The Fire Horn strives to establish, create, adopt, and propagate open standards. When a third party information system does not support open standards, but interoperability would be beneficial to an end-user or organization, The Fire Horn may work to develop data translation services that will take legacy and/or proprietary end-user data and translate it into a secure and open format so that said data may be used with The Fire Horn and related products.

A competitor, or one who in the future acts as a competitor, accessing The Fire Horn is deemed to be doing so for the purposes of Cooperative Interoperability, and in doing so hereby grants The Fire Horn, Inc. a reciprocal access agreement to any systems under the competitor’s control which may be integrated with The Fire Horn family of products. A competitor accessing The Fire Horn also waives any claims of Patent Infringement and hereby grants The Fire Horn, Inc. a perpetual, non-exclusive license to any past patents filed by the competitor and any future patents filed no later than 10 years from the last date of access by the competitor.

Any competitor, or any person who in the future may act as a competitor, shall disclose themselves as such to The Fire Horn, Inc. before accessing any information system controlled by user authentication that is operated or under control of The Fire Horn, Inc..

This section may be supplemented through a Cooperative Interoperability Agreement (CIC) between The Fire Horn, Inc and any potential competitor wishing to implement standards of The Fire Horn.

Trademarks and Branding

"The Fire Horn", "Radio Bridge", and The Fire Horn Musical Jingle are Registered Trademarks. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Up to date information, including full policies regarding Branding and Trademarks can be found in The Fire Horn Branding and Style Guidelines at


No Warranties / Limit of Liability

The end user, persons, agencies, or organizations utilizing any product or service of The Fire Horn, Inc. shall assume all liabilities which may arise from use of any product or service of The Fire Horn, Inc. The Fire Horn, Inc. assumes no liabilities for any damages of any kind arising from the use of its products and/or services.

The Fire Horn, Inc. makes no warranty expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information within The Fire Horn, Inc., including, but not limited to, routing data, mapping data, dispatch information, user information, call information, statistical data, or radio feed data.

The Fire Horn, Inc. may from time to time and at its own discretion, certify certain data and/or records for the purposes of post-event reporting. Such certified data may be used for purposes such as, but not limited to, court proceedings, after action reports, insurance analysis, etc. The Fire Horn, Inc. may, for a fee to be determined, and at its own discretion, produce witnesses that may certify records in person for a court proceeding.

It shall be the duty of any agency utilizing The Fire Horn and related products to verify that authenticity, validity, and accuracy of any data used by an agency using The Fire Horn and/or related products.

In any other case, the maximum amount of liability The Fire Horn, Inc. may incur shall be the greater of $100.00 or 10% of the annual fees paid to The Fire Horn, Inc. by any person seeking relief.


Use of any product or service of The Fire Horn, Inc. shall act as a binding agreement that the end user, person, agency, or organization shall indemnify and hold harmless The Fire Horn, Inc. it's members, officers, providers, vendors, or associates for any damages, charges, expenses arising from any failure to perform, defect in product, or any other action of The Fire Horn, Inc. and it's members, officers, providers, vendors, or associates in relation to the products and services of The Fire Horn, Inc.

Updated May 16, 2020