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Next Dispatch™

Next Dispatch is a fully featured Computer Aided Dispatch System that integrates strongly into The Fire Horn Responder Information and Notifications Systems.

Next Dispatch can use Radio Bridge as an ANI/ALI interface between Next Dispatch and your E-911 or NG-911 phone lines.

Next Dispatch has a full featured GIS system, showing address points, pre plan data, and other information as you take and manage your calls for service

Through The Fire Horn / MDT+, responders can view information being fed into Next Dispatch and communicate between dispatch and other responders.

Through The Fire Horn / Patrol Desk, law enforcement agencies can view their calls and access databases to assist in their workflow.

Next Dispatch Main Calltaking Interface

Next Dispatch Screenshot

Every agency is different, pricing for Next Dispatch™ is based on call volume and is elastic to the budget constraints of the municipality using it. Contact Us for a free consultation.